Jason Barmparesos

Contact info#

  • You can e-mail me at
  • I’m NorthSailor on GitHub.
  • jasonba on LinkedIn.
  • @jasonb:matrix.org on Matrix.

About me#

I am a student electrical/computer engineer in the final year of my studies towards an engineering diploma. I enjoy using my programming knowledge to solve challenging problems, especially when their scope extends beyond just computers.

Moreover, I find the study of human languages very interesting. In addition to speaking English and Modern Greek, I have taught myself Polish and Norwegian (mostly bokmål) at a basic conversational level.

Work experience#

I have previously worked for Arm, doing a summer internship at their HPC tools division. Working at the development team for Arm Forge, I implemented new features, as well as identified and fixed several bugs. In addition, I designed the foundations for an automatic testing suite for Forge.

You can find more information in my CV.